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 woot vagabond topic!

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Whooping goldfish

Number of posts : 25
Age : 26
Location : mars
Job/hobbies : I compose and play music for a flash game developer - next project starts in January.
Humor : none.
Registration date : 2009-03-21

woot vagabond topic! Empty
PostSubject: woot vagabond topic!   woot vagabond topic! EmptySun Mar 22, 2009 5:27 am

Yoink you rule!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Vagabond name: Lone-Hero
Level: That's a secret Wink
Server: Bardo ofcourse Very Happy
Preferred weapons: Pole Arm, Sword, Gloves
Most used: Sword, Gloves

Lets's a vaga thread so I'm gonna make it a little Vagabondish...We'll start with a history of past Vagabonds XD

Vagrant - Good hearted fellow who became the highest level vagabond on the server to this date. Disapeared for a couple months but has returned and is recovering from lazygrindanosis. (you know; where you take a break and when you get back you have to get used to grinding again) XD Founder of the Vagabond_Army

[VGP]Noob - The second highest Vagabond in the server, soon to be the highest. Not a lot can be said about her. She's generally happy person. She doesn't tell anyone anything about herself, even Legend doesn't know much about her. Sub-Master of Vagabond_Army

-Legend- - The third highest Vagabond in server. He likes to be left alone and has a grudge against most clan players. Doesn't talk too much. Probably the most accomplished vagabond as far as epithets go. Co-Founder of the Vagabond_Army

Lone-Hero - Fourth highest in server, soon to be knocked down to fifth. A leader withing the Vagabond_Army.

Well that's all I can really say about the Vagabonds.... I don't know the other guys very well.

hooray for Vagabond thread! First poster XD XD lol
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PostSubject: Re: woot vagabond topic!   woot vagabond topic! EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 9:31 am

u missed a part about [VGP]Noob and that is

"she love to give jokes aha Razz "
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woot vagabond topic!
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